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IRIG 106-07 Chapter 10 Programming Handbook

This programming handbook presents the results of work performed by members of the Telemetry Group (TG) under Task TG-83 of the Range Commanders Council (RCC). This document provides information to assist programmers in developing software for use with RCC Document 106, Telemetry Standard, historically referred to as Inter-range Instrumentation Group (IRIG 106). Therefore this document contains frequent references to the IRIG 106 document, primarily Chapter 10, Digital Recording Standard; it also covers aspects of Chapter 6 and Chapter 9.

CHAPTER 1: SCOPE 1.1 General 1.2 Document Layout 1.3 Document conventions CHAPTER 2: APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS 2.1 Government documents 2.2 Non-government publications CHAPTER 3: RECORDER SETUP AND CONFIGURATION CHAPTER 4: DATA RETRIEVAL 4.1 Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) Protocol 4.2 Software Interface 4.3 Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 4575 Directory CHAPTER 5: RECORDER COMMAND AND CONTROL 5.1 Serial Control 5.2 Network Control CHAPTER 6: DATA FILE INTERPRETATION 6.1 Overall data file organization 6.2 Overall data packet organization 6.3 Required header 6.4 Optional secondary header 6.5 Data payload 6.6 Time Interpretation 6.7 Index and Event Records 6.8 Data Streaming CHAPTER 7: CONFORMANCE TO IRIG 106

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