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The Standard for Digital Flight Data Recording


IRIG 106 is a comprehensive telemetry standard to ensure interoperability in aeronautical telemetry application at RCC member ranges.

IRIG 106 is developed and maintained by the Telemetry Group of the Range Commanders Council.

This web site is the independent source of information and support for the IRIG 106 community, and to provide information to developers and users of IRIG 106. The primary focus of this site is the IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Digital On-Board Recorder Standard. The Ch 10 standard defines the operation and interfaces for digital flight data recorders.

New Software!

3/4/2022 - New GUI utility programs are here. There is a new family of utilities built using the Qt application and windowing library. Qt allows cross platform development and a high performance interface with the underlying IRIG software libraries.

igDmpHeaders is a program to browse and view Chapter 10 headers, view data file information, and export headers for further analysis.

igDisplayTMATS is a program to view TMATS from a Chatper 10 file or from a TMATS text file. TMATS is display in raw format, in as summary format, and in a hierachical tree. TMATS signatures can also be generated and checked.

ig106Dub is a program to copy a subset of channels and/or time slice from a Chapter 10 file.

Software is available for downloading from the Software Download page.


There is an IRIG 106 wiki. Browse information written by the community or add your own. The IRIG 106 Programming Handbook is on-line. If you have practical experience or information you'd like to share get a wiki User ID and start contributing.

IRIG 106 Documents

The IRIG 106 standard is updated and released every year (almost). The current release is IRIG 106 2023. It is available for download here or directly from the RCC Online Documents web page.

I'm also pleased to announce the IRIG 106 Programming Handbook has also been released. The Programming Handbook provides information to assist programmers in developing software for use with the IRIG 106 standard. The handbook primarily deals with Chapter 10, Digital On-Board Recorder Standard, but it also covers aspects of Chapter 6 and Chapter 9. Development of the Programming Handbook was funded by the RCC and the document was written by me. I hope you find it useful. Feel free to provide comments and feedback. I also hope to have an annotated HTML version available soon.

Lots of RCC documents including previous versions of IRIG 106 are available for downloading from the RCC Mirror page.

Open Source Software Library and Utility Programs

An open source library and utility programs for writing, reading, and parsing IRIG106 format data files is under active development. The software library is written in portable C, and currently compiles into a DLL under various versions of Microsoft Visual Studio and as a library under GCC. A number of utility programs have also been written and more are on the way. Available software includes:

Compiled and ready to run versions of these utility programs are available from the Software Download page.

Source code is freely available for downloading. This projects are hosted on GitHub.

10/1/2018 - Once again the good folks at EMC have made available Version 3.9 of their Chapter 10 toolset including a validator and packet viewer for download.

Vendor Directory

Numerous companies provide hardware and software products that support IRIG 106. See the vendor directory for a directory of these companies and their products.

Sample Data

Sample IRIG 106 Chapter 10 data are available for downloading from the Sample Data page. These files are offered as is, but provide useful examples from various vendors.

Synthetic Data

Synthetic data files are IRIG 106 Ch 10/11 data files that are totally synthesized in software. Real flight test data files generally are not available for public release. Synthetic data files have no release restrictions. Also, real data files may not provide interesting test cases. Synthetic data files can be designed to provide interesting features, especially for big data analytics development.

Tools to generate synthetic data are being developed. Go to the Synthetic Data Files page to read more about this development effort and to see some examples.

Mailing List

There is a mailing list for IRIG 106 announcements and discussions. You can subscribe by going to the IRIG 106 Mailing List page and entering your email address information. The volume of mail is small, and you can unsubscribe yourself at any time.

Irig106.org is not affiliated with the Range Commanders Council.

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