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IRIG 106 Sample Data Files


The data files below are samples of actual recorded Chapter 10 data. Be warned, though, that in general they provide examples of varying degrees of Chapter 10 compliance. See the summary page for each data file for further descriptions and notes.

You may also be interested in the development effort for generating synthetic data files.

Sample Chapter 10 Data Files

Name Date Brief Description
Vendor Data File Samples
Calculex-PCM20_12052009_212115 12 May 09 Calculex Time, IRIG-B, 20Mbps PCM
Calculex-PCM10_12052009_211910 12 May 09 Calculex Time, IRIG-B, 10Mbps PCM
Calculex-PCM5_12052009_211602 12 May 09 Calculex Time, IRIG-B, 5 Mbps PCM
Calculex-PCM200_12052009_212313 12 May 09 Calculex Time, IRIG-B, 200Kbps PCM
Calculex-Video-Voice_12052009_221628 12 May 09 Calculex Video, MPEG 5Mbps, Left and Right Audio, Analog NTSC
Enertec_12042009_19040920 15 Apr 09 Enertec video and 1553
Heim-D200-1_06042008_12332100 31 Mar 09 Heim PCM, Video, Analog, and UART
Heim-GSS-1_00970000_09030600 4 Apr 09 Heim PCM, 1553, Video, Analog, UART, Ethernet, and ARINC 429
Heim_16PP194 10 Jan 18 Heim 16PP194 Bus
Heim_CAN_Bus 20 Jun 18 Heim CAN Bus with both CAN format packets and Message format packets
Heim_Chapter_7 10 Dec 15 Heim Chapter 7 PCM with original data sources
JDA-Systems_17042009_2053024 17 Apr 09 JDA Systems PCM channels with METS data
NetAcquire-pcm-sine-wave 20 Nov 18 NetAcquire PCM with sine wave data
Smartronix_4PCM_5M_1553 31 Oct 18 Smartronix four 5Mbps PCM and one 1553
Smartronix_4PCM_5M_HDVIDEO 30 Oct 18 Smartronix four 5Mbps PCM and one Video Format 2 (HD)
Smartronix_4PCM_5M_SDVIDEO 30 Oct 18 Smartronix four 5Mbps PCM and one Video Format 0 (SD)
Smartronix_4PCM_METS1_1M 30 Oct 18 Smartronix four 1Mbps PCM
Smartronix_4PCM_METS1_5M 30 Oct 18 Smartronix four 5Mbps PCM
Sypris_21042009_210227 21 Apr 09 Sypris two analog channels and four PCM channels
Sypris-M800_04022009_030016 4 Feb 09 Sypris one analog channels and eight PCM channels
TTC-1553_107_132248 20 Apr 09 8 1553 channels with METS data
TTC-ARINC-429_110_194626 20 Apr 09 1 ARINC 429 channel
TTC-Golden_01052009_212145 1 May 09 Indexed, Events, Ethernet x 1, PCM x 4, Video x 1
Wideband-Systems-2100_30042009_005127 20 Apr 09 Wideband Systems PCM channels with METS data
Wideband-Systems_01052009 1 May 09 Wideband Systems Analog and PCM channels with METS data
Wideband-Systems_4E4S-2V-12D-IRIG11 22 Jan 18 Wideband Systems Ethernet, UART, Video Format 0, and four PCM Format 1 channels
Wideband-Systems_8S-IRIG11 23 Jan 18 Wideband Systems one UART channel
Wideband-Systems_1553-AR429-64DISC-IRIG11 22 Jan 18 Wideband Systems four 1553, 16 ARINC 429, and two discrete channels
Wyle_24042009_15425242 24 Apr 09 Wyle 4 streams PCM, 2 Analog, 1553, enet, video
Wyle-Ethernet_14052009_15324323 14 May 09 Wyle Time and Ethernet
Other Files
Synthesized Data 27 Sep 18 Data files synthesized from XML descriptions using FLIDAS software from Data Bus Tools

Downloading a Sample Data File

Data file download is password protected to prevent web crawlers from bogging down the server and consuming all my bandwidth. Just drop a note to bob (at) and I'll be happy to send you the username and password.

Data File Summary Generation

Data file summary information was automatically generated (with just a few hand edits) using a Python script. This Python script uses the Py106 Python library which uses the IRIG106.DLL written in C for maximum performance. Both Py106 and the DLL are available in the open source library.

Submitting a Sample Data File

Data files can be submitted for inclusion in this list. Please limit the size of submitted files to something reasonable. A 1 GB file isn't required to demonstrate four channels of 1553. Try to limit your submissions to only those data files that uniquely demonstrate some aspect of IRIG 106. Don't submit ten data files that basically have the same kind of data.

When submitting a file, be prepared to provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Data File Summary Description
  • Recorder Vendor
  • Recorder Type
  • Recorder Firmware rev
  • Chapter 10 Version (as reported in the setup record CSDW)
  • Chapter 9 Version (as reported in the TMATS G\106 field)
  • Per Channel Description (Ch 10 = F-16 A-MUX SKU 6, etc.)
  • Known issues (e.g. errors reported by a validator)
  • Releasability restrictions
  • Creation Date
  • Point of Contact

To submit a file do the following:

  1. Download the Readme Template and fill in as much information as possible.
  2. Create a ZIP file with the readme text file and the data file(s).
  3. Upload the ZIP file via ftp to The Username is “ftpdata” and the Password is “ftpdata”. For security, once you upload a file you will not be able to download again via ftp. You'll need to go through this web page. If you need an FTP client, I recommend FileZilla.
  4. Send an email to bob (at) to let me know you have a file ready for sharing. I'll review it, write up a summary web page, and make it available.


Manoj , 2018/12/24 01:04, 2019/02/28 09:24

Please share the user ID & password to download the Vendor Data File Samples

Bob, 2018/12/24 16:21

See instructions on this page.

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