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C Library

irig106lib is an open source library for reading and writing IRIG 106 Chapter 10 format files. It is written in C and is portable to a wide range of compilers. The primary restriction is that the library is only designed to run correctly on little endian processors such as the Intel family.

The C library supports the Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, 2005, 2008, and 2010. It compiles into a Win32 static library and DLL. The library also supports GNU GCC compiler under Linux and DJGPP and compiles into a static library.

The open source library is maintained on SourceForge. The most recent source can can always be found in the SourceForge Subversion Repository.

Example using irig106lib

Library Modules

.NET Library

There is a .NET library wrapper for the irig106lib C library. This .NET wrapper wraps the underlying DLL and provides a pure .NET interface. This .NET wrapper is still under development and currently only provides a subset of the C library capabilities.


There is a Python module that is a wrapper for the irig106lib C library. IRIG 106 files, packets, and messages are presented as a Python object. These objects support Python language idioms such as iteration for looping and data member access via ctypes.

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