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Core Modules

Core software modules support opening data files for reading and writing, and working with headers and data at a packet level. These software modules must be included in any program that uses the IRIG 106 software library. Core software modules include:

irig106ch10 - The main source module containing routines for opening, reading, writing, and closing data files are contained in “irig106ch10.c”. Other software modules are provided to handle the various IRIG 106 Ch 10 message formats.

i106_time - Routines to convert between clock time and IRIG 106 time counts

Decode Modules

Decode software modules are used to decode data of a specific type. Decode modules have names of the form “i106_decode_*” where the “*” describes the type of data handled in that module. Only those decoder modules that are used need to be included in your software project. Modules for unused data types can be omitted. Decoder modules include:

i106_decode_tmats - Decode a TMATS data message into a tree structure for easy interpretation.

i106_decode_time - Decode IRIG time messages and provide routines for converting relative time count values to IRIG referenced time.

i106_decode_1553f1 - Decode all 1553 format messages.

Other Headers

These header files are necessary for every application that uses the IRIG 106 library.

config.h - A bunch of #defines to support various compiler environments.

stdint.h - Standard integer definions for environments that don't supply this.

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